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﹛﹛The Challenge Total Madness


﹛﹛The Challenge Total Madness

﹛﹛Things heated up recently as one veteran star of ※The Challenge§ fired a shot at their co-star on ※The Challenge: All Stars,§ even going so far as to say they were going to ※kill this fool.§ The comment was made by Syrus Yarbrough on ※MTV*s Official Challenge Podcast,§ which dropped this week in line with the fifth episode of ※The Challenge: All Stars.§

﹛﹛During that episode, TJ Lavin revealed that every elimination on the show would be a double elimination from that point on and Beth Stolarczyk would have to compete alongside Syrus Yarbrough as the two worst competitors in the daily challenge. Since the house had voted in Alton Williams, he chose Aneesa Ferreira to compete in the elimination alongside him.

﹛﹛Syrus said he wanted to face Alton because the ※Real World: Las Vegas§ alum had struggled during the daily challenge and appeared to gas out while carrying the log with his team. Unfortunately for Syrus, he was unable to defeat his opponent, perhaps in part due to an ankle injury he picked up before the elimination, and he and Beth were sent home.

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﹛﹛Syrus added more context to his decision to face Alton on ※MTV*s Official Challenge Podcast,§ explaining, ※All the things he did off camera that I heard- He told my closest friend that he*s gonna have to hurt me prior to the event.§ Those comments are in line with what Derrick Kosinski revealed on Us Weekly*s Watch With Us podcast, where he said:

﹛﹛I*ll speak for Syrus because at some point, he actually told me, &If this situation comes up, you need to explain.* On the first challenge, when we had to vote, Ace or Syrus were the ones that were really on the chopping block# And the reason we went with Ace is because he*s the one that put in the least effort during the swimming challenge.

﹛﹛Derrick said Syrus found out Alton was one of the people pushing for him to go in instead of Ace which fueled the animosity Syrus felt toward Alton.

﹛﹛On the latest podcast episode, Syrus told cohosts Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal, ※I was gonna kill this fool. You don*t know. I was praying for Hall Brawl. Period. And I still want it now, today.§ Aneesa said the infamous elimination should make a comeback for a future season of the spinoff show and Syrus replied, ※Only if it*s me and him.§

﹛﹛Syrus* comments on ※MTV*s Official Challenge Podcast§ are vastly different from what he said on ※Challenge Mania§ after his elimination from the show, when he told hosts Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski that he and Alton are ※cool.§ Derrick and Scott hosted a Zoom call for their ※Challenge Mania§ Patreon and had Syrus on as a guest, who later shared the interview to his Instagram.

﹛﹛On the call, Syrus said he and Alton are ※cool§ despite how the season and elimination went down and he doesn*t harbor any ill will toward his castmate. He explained, ※Me and Alton are cool, I guess, from my end I don*t keep any enemies. I do want my shot at him on the field.§

﹛﹛Time will tell if the two will be cast again on another season of ※All Stars§ and if Syrus will get his opportunity to face Alton in a Hall Brawl.

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