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Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds is rife with powerful creatures to hunt down, and we’re here to help players track each of the game’s six Mega Creatures.

By Jessica Filby

Published 5 days ago


Mega Primal, Mega Manticqueen, and Mega Sprat

The Outer Worlds is a wonderful game in which the player can choose to kill everyone they see or be as kind as they can, although they’ll unfortunately still have to kill to achieve their goals. Some of the choices to kill are the mega creatures that roam the dystopian future.

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These mini-boss battles are so fun to do, especially when the player wants a break from the quests, DLCs, or their ship and its crazy companions. While it’s great to battle these often horrific creatures, finding them can be pretty challenging and is often left to fate or just exploring for a considerable amount of time. That being said, knowing the rough location could save hours of mindless wandering. Here’s where they are and what you can defeat.


Fighting a mega sprat

Sprats are usually pretty easy to fight, although they usually come in packs these little creatures can be easily shot down while the?player is at a pretty?low level. The Mega Sprat is no different; it has 1,463 health, but that can be taken down really quickly when encountered.

To locate this awesome Mega Sprat, simply head underneath the Edgewater Landing Pad outside the Emerald Vale. If it does get a little challenging, but if the player wants a relatively easy fight, then they should try to head there at night and get a few shots into the sleeping Mega Sprat.

Mega primal from the front and side

The Mega Primal looks like a terrifying mutated Gorilla, and it can really pack a punch. Nevertheless, it’s a brilliant fight that takes a lot more than just pumping bullets into the Mega Primal, as you have to focus on the other smaller primals that can take your health away surprisingly quickly.

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To initiate this battle, travel to Scylla and head to the fields below the landing pad. The Mega Primal will be easy to spot since it’s surrounded by all the smaller ones. It’s an exciting battle, but it’s worth mentioning that the Mega Primal can dig underground and jump out behind or next to you, so be careful.


Fighting a mega mantiqueen

Most mega creatures are found by simply searching the world and sometimes accidentally coming across something you never intended to fight or something you’re absolutely not ready for. However, in the case of the Mega Mantiqueen, it’s pretty circumstantial and can be found without hunting the lands. The Mega Mantiqueen is best hunted during the Mandibles of Doom quest.

This is because it’s kind of involved in the quest itself. The player must rescue a man who is being held in Devil’s Peak Caverns. The man in question is being guarded by the Mega Mantiqueen, so just complete that quest and you’ll get the battle you’re looking for.

Fighting a mega raptidon

Raptidons are universally known to hide when players need them the most. Whenever there’s a quest to get materials from these little beasts, they’re nowhere to be seen. This is pretty similar to the Mega Raptidon, and it can get pretty frustrating to find, especially when there’s not one specific location to find this slippery creature.

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Nevertheless, the most descriptive location to give to the Mega Raptidon is simply that it can be found on Monarch. It can be encountered in four locations, but, for the best luck, focus on the left side of the map past the river.


Three Canids

If players thought getting the chance to find and kill a Mega Raptidon was tough, then they’ll be pleased to know this isn’t the case for the Mega Canid. It can for certain be found in the Emerald Vale, and it also has a chance to appear randomly due to it being a unique named creature.

Simply head to the Geothermal Plant and you’ll spot this crazy creature. Similar to the Mega Sprat, this creature is best attacked at night while it’s sleeping. For a more efficient method of dispatching the creature,?focus on shock and stun weapons.

A blueprint of a mega mantisaur

Mantisaur and Manitqueen feel like the same thing, but no one is going to complain about having more badass creatures to defeat!especially when it comes to fighting and locating the Mega Mantisaur.

To find this terrifying creature, search near Stellar Bay on Monarch. It’s best to try to get onto the quest where you meet up with Nyoko in the same place to get a little sense of direction. There are multiple Mantisaur groups around that area, and one of them should have the Mega Mantisaur. It’s a little tough to find, but it should be there!just watch out for their poisonous spit.

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