Boomerang X -Evaluation


Harness the magic of the mysterious boomerang and let yourself fly in the air. In the arena, behead, soar, and bomb countless enemies all over it. Stay vigilant, otherwise the end will come immediately.

One sentence evaluation: I have a boomerang, which can be far and near, and can charge, how far he can fly, how far I can fly, and how far I can kill the enemy.

I’m back to pure gaming fun
After the game is added to the story, there will be many games that use game design to change the story. In the twenty-year RPG from 1990 to 2010, most of the RPGs were like this except for the pillars of Final Fantasy.
The same is true of contemporary SLG. The loneliness of SLG is that it has not expanded this game genre with the times.
Of course, after changing the gameplay, the player on the phone can still play this flip-flop game again.
In the past, RPG changed the story and the characters. Today’s mobile games still use time difference and poor cognition in art, and only need to spend money to greatly improve the quality of the game, thereby promoting the development of the game.
Although mobile games are getting better and better, if you don’t want to change and don’t work hard to add new gameplay systems, then this type of mobile games will end sooner or later.
Well, let’s stop playing mobile games. After all, people can live for many years.
It can even integrate with console games at a time when it is not weak. Who can accurately say this sentence?
In recent years, since the emergence of independent games, there has been a wave of games returning to gameplay and innovative thinking about gameplay.
Such as “zero” or “my friend Petro” and so on.
This “craze” is the same. It is a game that focuses on gameplay. With your understanding of the game, it gradually deepens the depth of gameplay, guides your sense of accomplishment, and then gives you the greatest satisfaction step by step.

On the surface, it’s an improvement in gameplay, but it’s actually an improvement in the sense of accomplishment.
As soon as the game started, our boat broke and fell onto a small island.
Originally we used a spear, but the spear broke. We entered a blacksmith’s shop and found a new weapon-darts.
So our game officially started.
In the beginning, there was only one way to attack the dart, throw it out, and then return automatically according to its position.
Depending on your location, the return path of the dart will be different.
This caused two stages of damage. The position of the movement is particularly important in this game. This is just the location of the land.
Next, I will tell you the emergence of the second attack method.
The left button shoots out, and the right button retracts immediately. At this time, I will give you a judgment, whether it needs one-way damage, then a quick throw, or two-way damage.
When you master this feature in the next arena, the game will provide you with another skill.
These skills are pulling and paving the way for each other and will not appear suddenly.
For example, what is the next skill? Long press the left button to accumulate energy.
This time provides you with another not new but advanced option.
Accumulation can hit farther, allowing you to attack enemies in a safe position from a long distance.
It gives the security of a left-click attack, allowing you to restart the judgment, whether to press the left button or the right button to quickly retract.
When you acquire this skill, the game will continue to provide you with a level for you to practice.
So this game is really a game designed for design, pure achievement fun.
Of course, there are also stories in the game. We came to a small island of the mantid, and our boomerang is also the exclusive weapon of the mantid.
But these mantis people have been wiped out by the lives of another force.
We understood this story when we passed the level. Each level also shows the culture and history of this praying mantis.
When you master the charged attack, the game will provide a third skill.
That is, when you throw a dart with the left button, you can teleport to the corresponding position, which is the change of position.
At this time, the game changed from the change of offense to the change of position.
At the same time, this position also broke free of our restraints on the ground and began to move towards the sky.
So the flying element appeared.
But because the flying speed of the game is too fast, it is the ejection speed of the boomerang, so the game needs to eliminate the speed and use the space to slow down the operation.
This provides a finer operation for the later high-difference terrain, we need to stand in a certain position.
When there are two delegations for attack and movement, skills will naturally appear in the game.
Skills are based on the premise of destroying at least 2 monsters at the same time. This tells us that your attack is no longer random, you should have a directional and predictable attack.
The initial skill attack is a fan-shaped short-range attack, so when you can destroy 3 enemies at the same time, another

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