[Borderlands 2]It’s A Good Time To Get Back Into ‘Borderlands 3’


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  Borderlands 3


  Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve spent most of this week recommending Outriders after its latest patch, but turns out another looter had another big patch this week, and I have to recommend that one too.

  That would be Borderlands 3, a game with less of a rocky history than Outriders and a decade of pedigree as what was effectively the first loot shooter, taking the Diablo formula to an FPS.

  I would suggest that now may be a good time to return to the game, given this latest update. I don’t think it’s the last major update the game will get, necessarily, but Gearbox does have its Tiny Tina spin-off Wonderlands coming next year, and it stands to reason the biggest BL3 updates are well behind it.

  So, why jump in now?

  There are four “normal” DLCs out now that arrived in year one, at least three of which are probably better than the base game.

  There are both halves of season 2 content out now, the Designer’s and Director’s Cut. I didn’t love the PvE battle royale Arms Race mode at launch, but it’s improved, and I have been actually very impressed by the Director’s Cut missions, playing them for the first time this week.

  This new patch opened up crossplay between all PC versions and Xbox for the first time (sorry PS players).

  This new patch allows you to turn on the limited time events, Broken Hearts Day, Bloody Harvest or Revenge of the Cartels, any time you want now, and all their gear has been reissued.

  This new patch raised the level cap from 65 to 72, giving you seven new skill points to play with (or like, 22, if you haven’t played since launch). This is the first time the cap has been raised in a long while, and it stands to reason it will stay where it is for a long while to come now, so it’s safe to farm gear you won’t have to replace anytime soon.

  Borderlands 3



  All of this adds up to the game having a truly massive amount of content currently available, having crossplay, having a new level cap that will stay in place for a while, and that’s why I think it’s a good time to head back. I’ve already taken my Amara up to 72 as of yesterday and I’m working on Zane today. I’ll do all four by next week, I’m sure.

  I don’t know what Borderlands 3 has planned for its third year, but for a not “true” live service game, it’s done a good job providing constant updates and reasons to play. And now with its limited time events no longer limited time, there is effectively nothing you’ve missed if you want to return to it now.

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