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  A player posts a code for Miitopia that unlocks a created Mii design of a famed mythical Pokemon, showing off the creativity of the game.

  By Joseph Lavoie

  Published May 28, 2021


  miitopia characters

  Miitopia, being re-released for the Nintendo Switch, has added a flair of creativity that hasn’t been seen in Nintendo’s Mii landscape in a long time. Players are using their imagination, along with the help of friends, to stylize the game to what they want. With some effort, one player has taken that creativity to a whole new level.

  When Mii’s were first introduced, they accompanied the Wii and were utilized to be the player’s avatar in the Nintendo landscape. Now, years later, Miitopia is taking that concept that was initially utilized to identify different players and creating an entire universe around them, complete with character customizations that span through other games.

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  miitopia characters

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  Posted on the Miitopia subreddit, user MobileFreedom posted an image of a Mii that looks like the?Pokemon Zeraora. The code for unlocking the designed Mii was posted along with the image. Indeed, the post does bear a strong resemblance to the Pokemon. With a cat-like face, and two lighting bolts framing for whiskers, the design is true to the original character’s look. Since Zeraora does not evolve from or into any other Pokemon, this is a perfect one-off in design for Miitopia.

  Codes like this can be shared with any other player to utilize in Miitopia to change the look 0f their Mii. This can allow players to get creative and share their designs across the internet, allowing other players to take advantage of resources they might not be aware of. With the code for the created Zeraora, players can now have this electric-type Pokemon whenever they want.


  While Miitopia came out years ago, the recent release on the Nintendo Switch has re-energized fans, who have in turn produced some really awesome Mii designs, such as the Zeraora. It will be interesting to see what other Mii’s come out of the Switch version, as fans of different franchises will clamor for different designs of their favorite characters. Indeed, many of the top subreddit posts are of different Miis with codes attached.

  Since releasing at the end of last week, Miitopia has once again put the Mii in the spotlight,?and getting a cross-section with Pokemon fans will definitely push sales of an interesting, if not odd, RPG. With?Miitopia receiving an?average critic score but a very positive player score, it’s?seems that Miitopia will be driven by the players and will be the preferred character creation tool for Nintendo fans.


  Miitopia is available now for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

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