[dragon age inquisition multiplayer]Dragon Age Teases Character Class With New BioWare Concept Art


  BioWare executive producer Christian Dailey shares a Dragon Age character class teaser that gets fans talking about the game’s art direction.

  By Cody Gravelle

  Published Mar 22, 2021


  Dragon Age Character Class Teaser Art

  New?Dragon Age 4 artwork has been shared on Twitter following an exchange between BioWare executive producer Christian Dailey and?Dragon Age creative director Matthew Goldman.?Dragon Age 4 is the next iteration in a fan favorite series that’s been in development for years now, having persisted through several high-profile departures from BioWare and apparent shifts in design philosophy and priorities over its production period.

  What is known about?Dragon Age 4 has been promising, especially recent reports. New information broke late in February of this year that stated?Dragon Age will be single-player only in its next instalment, leaving behind the multiplayer gameplay elements that were so divisive in?Dragon Age: Inquisition. Given the reception of BioWare’s more recent foray into multiplayer with?the ill-fated?Anthem, the decision to focus on single-player – which has historically been a key component in the?Dragon Age franchise’s successes – seems to be one that is wise, and certainly one that’s been well-received by the game’s community.

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  Dragon Age Character Class Teaser Art

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  While information on?Dragon Age 4 continues to remain scarce, Dailey and Goldman worked together earlier on Twitter to help drum up some excitement for the upcoming title with new artwork. Goldman sent out a tweet stating that?Dragon Age fans might need “a little pick me up,” tagging Dailey in the message. Dailey responded with “perfect!” before unveiling a new?Dragon Age 4 character class concept art photo. The concept art has been?popular with commenters on social media,?garnering thousands of likes and comments eager to see more.


  Friday Already?

  Hey @ChristianDailey I think our fans could use a little pick me up. How about some tasty new concept art?

  — Matthew Goldman (@SerGoldman) March 19, 2021

  @SerGoldman perfect!

  Happy Friday my friends – I hope you are all staying out of the rain! Stay safe. Have a great weekend!! pic.twitter.com/ViYBms8Gng

  — Christian Dailey (@ChristianDailey) March 20, 2021

  The new?Dragon Age 4 artwork is interesting in that it seems to be depicting a magical character due to the hero’s staff, but the rest of their attire – and their surroundings – have a steampunk vibe to them. There’s a trash bag in an alley that’s lit with red lights, and the rain falling in the picture completes?the mood of a gloomy, progress-first environment. With the confirmation that the next?Dragon Age is in Tevinter, a powerful nation of Thedas with plenty of magical innovations, it makes sense the aesthetic would be somewhat different from previous games.

  With so little to go on and a recently reported shift in development focus, it’s possible the next?Dragon Age game is still quite a while away from being released. That being said, reports about its single-player focus and development, coupled with captivating concept art like the piece shared by Dailey and Goldman, suggests a game that returns to the elements that have made BioWare RPGs so successful in the past. That’s an exciting prospect, and one that will make Twitter exchanges like these important to monitor as the game’s development continues.


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  Source: Christian Daily/Twitter, Matthew Goldman/Twitter



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