[Code Vein]PC Deal Alert: Get Project Cars 3, Code Vein, TEKKEN 7, Tales of Zestiria, and 5 More Bandai Namco P


  Humble continues its recent streak of value-packed PC video game bundles with this new Bandai Namco collection. There are four tiered options to choose from: $1 gets you one game, $12 gets you four games, $19 gets your 7 games, and $20 gets you 9 games. The best value comes from the $20 bundle, which includes the following:


  PAC-MAN 256 TEKKEN 7 Tales of Berseria Katamari Damacy REROLL Tales of Zestiria RAD Little Nightmares Complete Edition Code Vein Project Cars 3

  According to Humble, that’s $350 worth of games for only $20. Steam currently sells Code Vein and Project Cars 3 for $59.99 each and Tales of Zestiria for $49.99. This deal ends in early June.

  Get this bundle at Humble for $20


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