[persona 5 royal]Indigo 7 Is A New Coming-Of-Age Puzzler Inspired By Puyo Puyo Tetris


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  Dolores Entertainment has announced that Indigo 7 Quest for love, a new puzzle adventure game, will launch on Nintendo Switch on 8th July.

  Indigo 7 boasts single-player and multiplayer puzzle gameplay inspired by both Puyo Puyo Tetris and 1991 puzzle game, 7 Colors. As you’ll spot in the trailer above, the game also takes players through a teen comedy story, with comic book-style cinematics following the life of Nathan and his band.

  As for the puzzle action itself? Well, this is a colour-based game where your job is to make the board yours before your opponent. Match rules are said to vary depending on which mode you play, and a Campaign Mode will teach you the ins and outs across 32 different challenges. Here’s a feature list to explain a little more:

  - Remember the best times of your teen years through an exciting comic-style story where music and love are the best medicine for a broken heart

  - Master the art of puzzle-solving in the Campaign Mode by overcoming 32 challenges with different color and time-related rules that will drive you crazy

  - Enjoy the game on your own in single-player, or play against your friends in local co-op or versus modes.

  - Customize the difficulty by choosing the number of colors on the board, and the available time to conquer it

  - Unlock up to 11 playable characters after finishing their corresponding chapters of the story. All of them are fully voiced by a cast of professional actors, well-known from other famous series (Dorohedoro, Hazbin Hotel) and videogames (Persona 5: Royal, Genshin Impact, Disgaea, Pokémon Masters, Cloudpunk).

  - Feel the thrill of battle thanks to Indigo 7’s official broadcaster’s live comments!

  Indigo 7 Quest for loveIndigo 7 Quest for loveIndigo 7 Quest for loveIndigo 7 Quest for love

  The game will be priced at $14.99 / 14.99, with a 20% release discount being available at launch.

  Let us know if you’re thinking of giving this one a whirl with a comment below.

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