A fan has recreated Breath of the Wild’s Great Plateau area in the Unity engine, complete with a Guardian encounter, in just one month.

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Breath of the Wild made in Unity

In just one month, a fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has recreated the game’s Great Plateau in the Unity game engine. The remake features a very similar UI to the Nintendo game, alongside all the Champions’ powers. It was made as both a tribute to the game and its highly anticipated sequel and as a challenge by the creator.

The development of Breath of the Wild took several years and hundreds of employees. The end result is regarded as one of the finest gaming experiences Nintendo has ever published. Some of the most iconic features are the powers Link acquires over the course of the story, gifted to him by the former Champions. Another standout element is Link’s ability to climb on almost all terrain in the overworld. This is on top of the fluid combat and exploration the series is already known for. The graphics have also been praised for their beautiful cel-shaded art style.

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Breath of the Wild made in Unity

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To even attempt to recreate the game would be a massive undertaking, but it was one Reddit user AvatarNick was willing to take. In their video, they show a side-by-side comparison of the original Breath of the Wild and the remake in the game engine Unity. Included are all four Champion’s powers, featuring recreations of the spirits that appear during use. Even the rune abilities are fully functional. There’s also a Guardian encounter. A flyover of the Plateau shows that all major locations, including?Breath of the Wild’s Temple of Time, have been remade as well.


AvatarNick uploaded a longer video on the project to their YouTube channel. This covers how several of the elements were remade, ranging from Link’s model to Daruk’s Protection. It also shows off a friend playtesting the game and completing a challenge set by Nick. Carl, the friend in question, is also quick to compliment the attention to detail.

The remake itself may not look identical to Breath of the Wild, but it is still extremely faithful. The gameplay and models are similar enough that one would be forgiven for thinking they were playing the official beta version of the game. It’s also remarkably impressive how it was made in just one month. AvatarNick worked almost entirely alone, only calling upon their brother for support in a few areas. Even if it is just a way to pass the time until?Breath of the Wild’s sequel is released, it’s a beautiful tribute to one of Nintendo’s most beloved modern titles.


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Source: AvatarNick/Reddit, AvatarNick/YouTube


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