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Bella Poarch is Fortnite’s latest collaboration. The TikTok star recently went big with her first solo official music video, “Build a B*tch.” She has now choreographed an emote for Fortnite as well, marking her name as permanent in the game files.

The emote is called “Build Up,” and it will be an Icon Series emote. The music and choreography of the emote are from Bella Poarch’s recent music video. Fortnite even described the emote on Twitter with a line from the song.

Built with 100% flaws and attitude.

Grab the Build Up Emote with moves by @bellapoarch. pic.twitter.com/Df8tgsgCBf

! Fortnite (@FortniteGame) June 5, 2021

The rising music talent is yet to get a skin of her own in the game, unlike American DJ Marshmello, who debuted the game with his own custom skin.

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Bella Poarch’s song currently has 147 million views on YouTube:

Players need to head down to the Item Shop, where all the Fortnite skins are up for sale. The emote will be listed under the “Featured” section of the shop under “Build Up.”

Since it is an Icon Series emote, players will need to pay 500 V-bucks to purchase it. Once purchased, they can equip the emote from their inventory.

The Item Shop has some interesting outfits and other cosmetics to offer players, some of which will last for a short time. There are two legendary outfits to consider: Raven and Ravage.

Both outfits are priced at 2000 V-bucks, but they come with minor customizations of their own. Ravage has its own contrail and back bling, while Raven only comes with a back bling. They are both a part of the Nevermore set.

Players can also accumulate more items from the Nevermore set with the glider, Feathered Flyer, which they can purchase for 800 V-bucks. Lastly, there is a pickaxe, Iron Beak, a part of the set that will match splendidly with either legendary outfit.

The items stay in the shop for a short time, and there is no surety of when they will return.

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