[Hitman 3 XBox Series S]Xbox Series X / S entity game or replacement new cover


  According to foreign media VGC,Xbox Series X / S entity games may replace new covers,Because the Xbox Series X / S game on Best Buy Pages has replaced new pictures and cover design.


  Currently,Best Buy “Aura: Unlimited”, “Microsoft Flight Simulation” two XBOX Series X / S games,At the same time, the new cover “Extreme Racing: Skyline 5” has also been exposed.Many more or less confirmed that Microsoft wants to replace new covers to the Xbox Series X / S entity game.


  Updated cover design Delete the word “Xbox”,And move the Xbox logo from the top of the box to the upper left corner.The game’s platform is also listed in a white background rather than a black background.

  The new cover design that is still unclear is a new cover design that is displayed is a display mistake or true.At present, VGC has requested Microsoft to respond to this.

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