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  Hello everyone, I am God,We met again,To welcome the May 1 Golden Week (May 1st – May 7),National Bank Nintendo e store, official WeChat Mall launched May Day Golden Week event,A variety of digital version games discount sales,Let’s take a look at what games.


  ”Unhappy Crown” limited time 20% off: 70.4 yuan (1.2GB)


  ”Unhappy Crown” is a policy round Rogue class RPG game.The game is opened with purely hand-painted art style to open a playful and interesting wonderful adventure – explore a variety of downtown,Challenge the dangerous enemy with BOSS,Experience the reincarnation of death and growth,Facing the endless abyss.




  ”Dependent place” is 75% off: 58.5 yuan (700MB)


  ”Dead” is a moving game that is full of world, the enemy of the world.In this world,The boundaries of animals and plants have been broken,A subversion of a food chain opened.Humans have to establish a sentinel stand and start investigations in the first region of the first discovery plant.The military also prepared a number of strong weapons.From the leader of you, a first-behaved army began a long-lasting pulling war.




  ”Only big adventure” limited time 20% off: 62.4 yuan (5.5GB)


  ”Only Adventure” is a cooperative adventure game with physical properties. in the game,You and your partners will play “August” and “拉”,Interesting adventure on a beautiful planet.




  ”Rainbow fall” limited time 75% fold: 44.2 yuan (2.1GB)


  ”Rainbow fall” is a core concept of “light and shadow”.Puzzle game with very artistic style,Comparative pictures with a strong black and white,Combined with the storytelling story,Give players brought a surprise gaming experience.



  ”Ai” limited time 30% off: 33.6 yuan (1.6GB)


  ”Ai” is a 2D horizontal version of the action game,Follow the narration indication,You will look at the eyes of Icey,Go to fight and discover the truth of the world in the game.But in fact,This is not a 2D horizontal action game,You will not look at the eyes of Icey,You will not go to explore the truth of this world.




  ”” Limited time 75% fold: 37.7 yuan (2GB)


  ”” Is a platform that is different from the past platform jump game.The lanterns floating in the air become the key to this “different”.

A person who is wearing a mask as a handlightHe hides the truth after the challenge of layers,And intoxicated in a complicated level,Seeking the refreshing feelings he think,until one day,You came to his world,Can you help him find the reason why you keep going?




  ”39 days to Mars” limited time is 75% off: 51.75 yuan (324MB)


  ”39 days to Mars” players will be included in the 19th-century British explorer,Driving a “courage” spacecraft used 39 days to go to Mars,Complete a wonderful trip,Exset it in the game to unlock a puzzle.




  ”Ma Li Oukart 8 Deluxe Edition”


  ”Horse O’Adikart 8 Deluxe Edition” Bill Voucher How to Use: As of May 5,When everyone uses WeChat to pay the “Ma Li O’Dart 8 Deluxe Edition” in the Nintendo E storeIf your WeChat account already has a corresponding game voucher,It will automatically take effect and deduct the corresponding amount for you.You can see the preferential situation in WeChat’s payment interface.

  ”Ma Li O’Adom 2 Deluxe Edition” online tour limit medal entity medal collection (12 kinds) (TIPS: No matter how the fruit,You can get 1 entity limit for this game.After accumulating 3 games on three games,You can also get 1 special storage box that can accommodate all 12 defined medals)



  The details of this contest are as follows:

  Competition time: May 1 – May 3, 19: 00-22: 00 every day


  - Go to Tencent Nintendoswitch WeChat public account,Click on the menu bar[play together]-[Online Tour]to sign up

  - After registration, in the above competition,Select the contest mode in “Network Online”,Select “Search by number”,Enter 12 game code:

  May 1st: 3587-8870-1739

  May 2, 1265-9203-2299

  May 3: 3048-3317-5083

  Find this contest,Choose to participate,Waiting for the start of the game

  Specific game rules:

  - Grand Prix 150cc,AwardOrdinary props,Ordinary computer,All vehicles,Smart driving

  - The upper limit of the entrance scene is 12 games

  【prize settings】

  Limited medal: during the competition,At least 1 game, you can obtain 1 “Flower Cup” entity limit the medal (the medal’s collection method,Please read it carefully to[How to get the prize]section).Each tour,1 Nintendo Switch?The host can get up to 1 medal.


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