[Xbox Mxgp 2020]Microsoft seems to be redesigned XBOX game packaging box


  According to the retail list,Microsoft may be planning to redesign the game packaging box applied to Xbox Series X.Including “Halo Infinite” and “Microsoft Flight Simulator”,At present, there are at least two newly designed Xbox boxes in Best Buy.


  In addition, there is news thatThe “FORZA MOTORSPORT 5) box of Best Buy sales has also adopted a new version.Only did not see the retail packaging picture.You can see the difference between the new and old two versions on the figure.



  In the new design,Microsoft removes “Xbox” from the existing box,And move the Xbox logo from the top of the top of the box to the top left.The platform of the game is also columns on a white background,Not black background.It is still unclear that the design of the update is leaked by Best Buy.Still just a mistake,However, foreign media have commented on Microsoft.

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