[Cyber Shadow GamePlay]Saibo Dark Shadow Cyber Shadow: Hard style retro challenge


  Author: Mina Queen

  Ninja heart buried in the depth

  In 1988,A masked ninja comes in this world,He rely with the stunt of the flying wall.Heartful war,And there is a sleek dragon sword in his hand,Captured the heart of thousands of moving players.

  Unlike the knights,Ninja or no hestrus tribute to our belief,Or reach your own purpose of pumping the wedge.I don’t know if it is a life and death.Still, the cold blade is cast or die.

  No matter what kind of time and space,No matter where the battle,This masked ninja is always with our side.Even if you hope, there is also a wind candle in the wind,I have always believed thatHe has never hesitated for a moment.

  He grows with us,Change together,Time has grinded him,Also made him,He is the last pass of the dragon.”Ninja Dragon” of the 流 流 – 龙 龙 (ュウ ュウ ハヤブサ).


  ”Ninja Dragon” carries us too much memories.”Saibo Dark Shadow” is both familiar with strange.

  Years will finally fly the flight of time,The game in the transit is also disappeared in the fragment called “beautiful”.

  Dragon is still continuing his battle,just,The initial impulse of “Ninja Dragon” is difficult to calm,Despite . we understand that these ideas seem to have difficulty in water.

  to be honest,I attacked many “heavy value” for “Sai Bo Dark Shadow”.I believe many of the publicity PV,And the players who are interested in this are also quite good.

  This is not just because Yacht Club Games has brought us extremely excellent retro works in the past few years.It is also derived from our heart to “reshape” “Ninja Dragon”.

  Unplugging the sword blade is to guard

  The protagonist is slowly awake from the container,Presenting in front of him,It is a world that is shrouded under the shadow of the synthetic machinery.

  In order to uncover the truth of the big explosion,For the glory of the clan in my heart,Also in the heart of the most loved person.As a unique survivor,The shadow of the blood, the shadow, decree, decide the road.

  PerseveranceSuch “basic exercise” plot is still very “common set”,but,Considering this itself is a hard-free retro style horizontal scroll action class,It is more or less acceptable,after all,It’s hard to play!


  The overall content of the game is still very rich,Data shift,Machine war,There is a lot of rides.

  From the perspective,Shadow’s attack is really familiar.Extend the action,Hard straight,Even if you go to the sound,Full of the feelings of “Ninja Dragon”.

  If I will tell you this,Even so, I am somewhat touched.I believe that most of the players will feel that I have some “do”.No way . Who told our feelings that is so fragile and cheap.

  just,In addition to this, I am hard to find another similarity to “Ninja Dragon”.

  ”Ninja Dragon” hook lock,Upper and down the platform,Run over the wall,And the rich sickness system is not visible,Instead, the “storage point” weapon replenishment and fixed props within the level.

  Although in “Saibo Dark Shadow”,The acquired weapon species is not a small number.But it will be damaged by three attacks.Let many weapons can’t have some levels of levels for a long time.That is not to mention the replacement of weapons to change some level of attacks.

  Compare the operation of the “Ninja Dragon””Saibo Dark Shadow” set it into a wall surface.Plus a killing BOSS or reach some challenges,Enhance the weapon damage and unlock new skills,Let me not help but realize!

  Where is this to pay tribute to “Ninja Dragon”?This is clear that the “Lock X” series routine!SlightlySprint,Playing BOSS unlocking skills . Well,ゼ ゼ / zero is you right!


  There is no BOSS in the game,Relative level,The BOSS war is much lower.

  The overall picture of the game and the art style are still unable toIn general,It belongs to the middle and upstream levels of retro games.

  Each level has a very distinctive enemy and scene,Colors are also very easy to be distinguished.It seems that the barren pixel is also depicting the firming future world.The game of the game is not rough,It is still more excellent in order of art.

  In addition,”Sai Bo Dark Shadow” is in the case of two kinds of combat methods that do not belong to the same era.The knife is connected to the short soldier of the synthetic machine.Feiyan!Push!Adjust the tool!Probably this is what we are “romantic”.

  Just that kind ~ I want it,The thrill of the knife is always in it,Inextricable.EvenWe cut just steel and oil.


  This rainy scene always reminds me of “Dark Shi Kage”,I don’t know if this is paying?

  In Yacht Club Games, the famous “shovel knight”,Rectangular wave music is very good,There are still many players in Today, there are still many players.

  The rectangular wave of “Sai Bo Dark Shadow” shows another style.Mixed rock,At the same time, the rhythm is extremely strong and high-spirited.

  Even if I am a “idiot” that I don’t understand music.It can also get very good feedback from the game’s soundtrack and sound.Although you don’t enjoy it,But it is also very shocking.


  The battle is still very test resistance,Do you still have to put a flat mind!

  Total ten chapters is not too long.Each chapter can directly challenge it,Players can return to an early map after unlocking certain skills,Arrived at the location that could not be reached to get more strengthening props.

  We don’t see this case-by-case case.”Saibo Dark Shadow” is not excellent at this point.just,As a kind of income, I am also barely accept.

  I personally, I personally,The difficulty of the game is still overall,The level is filled with various “routines”.It is necessary to repeatedly die for a long time to “back” memory or even form muscle reflection.Many levels also use a large number of cumbersome operations.

  Before you die, you must start from the previous storage point.therefore,”From the beginning”, it will become a matter of life.As for everyone, there is sufficient resistance and toughness,I don’t know,but,If you feel in a level, you will die.Still very hard and test players.

  Everyone has a “master” in his heart.


  Despite the injury,But still eager to meet again.

  Shadow finally defeated the enemy in front of him,Attributed to the element,I also saw the master.Can they have a wonderful future,We don’t know.But in the moment of the shadow reaching out,I see,He . finally can no longer fight,Finally can be relieved.

  Dr. Pogan has no daughter who saves his daughter.That is his persistence,Because he needs a “master”.The school is indiscrunious,Eventually, betrayed and suffered destruction.Because he needs a “master”.Shadow dragging the body of the collapse,The sound of screaming and believing,Because he also needs a “master”.

  We have experienced many movements,The story of change.Some are in the ocean for us,I can’t think of it anymore.Some are deeply hidden in the gap of the soul,It will never escape again.

  Even if you are dark,We also never get used to it.Even if there is no day,We will also explore,Even if the result has already known the same thing,Many times we still choose self-sufficient,Because there is also a “master” in our hearts.

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